Pixinote app let you send real cards with your smartphone

The Pixinote app allows user to send real cards from smartphones.Courtesy photo by Laura Reoch

The Pixinote app offers reverse technology at the touch of a finger. Remember the olden days when you could actually hold a love note you received in your hands, maybe even sleep with it under your pillow?

Happy days are here again, and it’s as easy as a couple of clicks and an upload – no trip to the store needed.

Pixinote has created an app that allows the sender to upload a photo and write a short message to someone in their contact list.

What’s so special about that, you ask? The message isn’t electronic. It’s a real 6-by-2 and a half-inch card with a photo, delivered in a real envelope through the mail.

The mobile-to-mailbox photo cards are similar to a postcard, but feature a personalized photo from the sender.

Currently the app only works on iOS devices (Apple iPhones and iPads). Android users will have to wait a while as that version is due for release later this year.

Pixinotes are delivered within three to seven days and can only be delivered to addresses in the U.S. and some American territories.

Don’t have the address? The app delivers a text message (under your name) to your recipient asking them to enter their address.

The notes are priced $3 each, but you can purchase 5 notes for $12 or 20 for $40. Pixinotes could also serve as great thank-you notes. www.pixinotes.com





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