3D Me studio in Ft. Worth’s Montgomery Antique Mall is breaking the mold

3D Me Studio figurinesPhotos by Ross Hailey

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a statue could say. A new Fort Worth company, 3D Me, makes it possible to save a moment in time in a whole new way.

The modest studio, located in the Montgomery Street Antiques Mall, features over 100 cameras fixed in various angles in a 360-degree circle. The subject stands very still for a few seconds while the cameras take several photos which are combined by a computer into a three-dimensional scan. Purchasers have the option of viewing several different poses to pick their favorite.

After choosing, a figurine is printed with a gypsum-based powder (the same used in construction drywall) mixed with colored ink, built layer by layer.

After printing, a thin coating of protective glue is applied to the outer surface to help with durability and limit scratches.

However, the figurines are fragile and can break if they fall. Water, direct sunlight and high temperatures will cause damage. Luckily, if the statue does break, 3D Me stores the scans digitally so that a new figurine can be re-created.

Figurine sizes can range from 3 to 9 inches and can contain up to four people. Prices range from $75 to $495, depending on the size and number of subjects. Orders can be completed in about two weeks.

Good news for animal lovers — pets can be photographed most of the time. Imagine a bridal cake topper that doesn’t just look like you, it is you.

For parents and grandparents would who like to save that moment in time or for military personnel who may be headed overseas for an extended period, these figurines can be a special reminder for loved ones.

The studio is open weekends only. 2601 Montgomery St., Fort Worth, 817-350-4808, www.3DMeStudio.com.





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