3 FarmHouse Fresh products you must try to soothe wintery, dry skin

FarmHouse Fresh production areaManny Rodriguez

My obsession with Texas-made FarmHouse Fresh products began, oddly enough, in a spa in Saint Lucia this past summer. I had just spent 80 minutes in one of the Royalton resort’s signature treatments, and now I was in the Royal Spa lobby, my skin positively glowing from nose to toe as my technician unveiled for me the line of products that had brought me to this state of bliss. My luggage space at a premium, I snapped photos of them, determined to track them down once I was back in the States, which I did. That was in August, and by September I had no fewer than seven FarmHouse Fresh products (granted, some of them trial-size) in my home treasure trove of skincare products.

If you have yet to sample their wares, here are my suggestions on where to begin. All will help keep your skin hydrated, soft and glowing despite winter weather. All are available at FarmHouseFreshGoods.com, through Amazon, and locally at boutiques like Yours Truly in Sundance Square and several area spas.

Butter Rum Body Scrub

This was the decadent, exfoliating delight that kicked off my tropical island spa treatment. The mix of brown sugar, rum and rice-bran oil was slathered onto my skin, rubbed in, then rinsed off, leaving my skin glowing and soft. At the time, the scent felt very Pirates of the Caribbean — all yo, ho, ho and a bottle — but it also works in the dead of winter, providing the comfort of a hot toddy. 12 ounces, $34.

FarmHouse Fresh Fluffy Bunny shea butter and Red Arizona Clay
FarmHouse Fresh Fluffy Bunny shea butter and Red Arizona ClayRoss Hailey - rhailey@star-telegram.com

Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Cream

I’ve had a thing for shea butter for at least a decade and am constantly on the hunt for the best in its class. Fluffy Bunny goes on light, making it perfect for all seasons — even Texas’s blistering dog days. In the winter, the butters and vitamin E mixed with jojoba and soybean oils will successfully hydrate and soften your skin, and the scent is a warming combination of mint julep, cream and lavender. (Other FHF shea butters to give a whirl: Pink Moon (powdered musk, licorice blossom and spun sugar); Whoopie Cream (white velvet buttercream); and Rainbow Road (Bartlett pear and coconut). 8 ounces, $30.

Splendid Dirt: Nutrient Mud Mask

This wake-up call for your face begins with some refreshing tingling as circulation increases and oxygen rushes to your cells. The mask is a mix of Illite and Bentonite clays, active yogurt cultures and organic pumpkin puree that goes on orange, rich and creamy (and smells so yummy, it is hard to believe it’s not food) and then dries as it soothes your skin. Rinse it off, and your face looks and feels refreshed. This deep-cleaning mask works with both dry and oily skin. 3.25 ounces (14 to 18 applications), $23.





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